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At Maximum Performance, we have several programs that meet the needs of any individual, athlete or team. Our programs are not only for athletes but anyone looking to create a healthier lifestyle. Our trainers will give you a fun and motivating experience so that you will see results!

Sports Performance

Our Sports Performance program is designed to increase each athlete's speed, strength and conditioning so they can perform better at their desired sport. This program is for athletes of ANY age, ANY ability and ANY Sport. Sessions include work on all phases of training so each athlete can develop both their strengths and weaknesses. All Exercises and drills are based off each athlete's ability so they get the individual attention needed.

Boot Camp - Total Body Workout

Our Adult Boot is the ultimate full body workout. We will tone your body with proper strength movements and burn calories through interval training. This class is for everyone and you push yourself as far a YOU can go. Classes consist of using: Kettlebells, BOSU Balls, TRX Bands, Plyo Boxes, Medicine Balls & other equipment to give you a workout that is creative and fun!


***Only available at select locations



Team Training

At Maximum Performance, we specialize in providing sport performance training as a team. Our Team workout program is very systematic and allows us to keep athletes focused and motivated to see results in a team setting.

Please CLICK HERE for our Team Flyer



Away Game Program


Bring the MAX to your Facility

Our Team Training program can also be brought to your location. Maximum Performance is able to take portable equipment and run the training session at your field, court or facility. This has been very popular with a lot of sports organizations because it is very convenient and can be schedule as a practice for the entire team. Teams have also used Maximum Performance throughout the season to handle the speed and conditioning part of their practice as the coaches focus more on game development.

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